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Now Hiring – Event Designer, Coordinator, and Host

At Resilient Sustainable Future for Iowa City (RSFIC), we want to see an Iowa City with strong and interdependent neighborhoods, where we’re all working on something important for the community, we have the diverse set of skills we need to sustain ourselves, and we’ve claimed ownership of fundamental sources of power like food, shelter, and energy. We are trying to shift the culture of Iowa City by demonstrating appealing and sustainable examples of resilience culture throughout the town. In 2024, one of our strategies is to organize a lot of social gatherings of different sizes and scopes, and we need help from someone with experience staging meaningful events.

RSFIC is hiring an Event Designer, Coordinator, and Host, reporting to the Executive Director, who would be excited to bring their creative energy to community-building events throughout Iowa City. We value relocalizing power, growing solidarity, consuming less, and demonstrating integrity & humility, and we want our events to bring people together towards our mission in the context of those values.

Your goals would include designing neighborhood gatherings that generate effective relationships between neighbors, hosting quarterly events that generate effective community engagement across Iowa City, and developing a company strategy for ongoing in-person community involvement. You’d have plenty of room (time and budget) for your passion to guide the events you design, a relaxed working schedule and engaged peers, and you’d be working on the resilience of our community instead of, you know, global capitalism!

We’re looking for folks with experience designing, coordinating, and hosting successful events, including planning, producing, hosting, advertising, staging, setup, teardown, etc. We’re also looking for folks who would like to prioritize our values, and who have experience in the Iowa City community.

Compensation for this role includes over three weeks of company holidays, four additional weeks of paid vacation, regular meaningful discussions, skilled and empathetic management, professional development, and an annual salary dependent on your experience in similar roles. We do not offer health insurance or retirement plans through the company.

Experience Annual Salary
Dozens of prior successful events: $50,000
Hundreds of prior successful events: $70,000

Application Process
1. Express your interest by February 5th. Just write [email protected] !
2. We’ll set up a quick 15-minute phone call to go over the position and answer initial questions you might have.
3. From there, you’ll have a 1-hour interview with Riley, the Executive Director
4. Finally, on a different day, you’ll have a second interview with a few other members of the RSFIC team
5. We’ll send you an offer or rejection by March 15th, and hope you could start on April 1st!

If you have any questions at all, even if you’re not sure you want to apply, please write Riley at [email protected] . I’m looking forward to talking with you!

We also do occasionally send out invitations to lunches, broadcast a request for help, or send out updates. If you’d like to receive that kind of communication from us, just let us know with one of the methods above!

Our current team at our year-end lunch!